What is Cre8Effect™?

Cre8Effect™ is what happens when you put a couple hundred smart, creative people together in a curated community — a Cre8: Community + Workspace. Quite simply, it’s amazing. It’s proof that we’re better together, that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. A lot greater, in fact.

In every Cre8 — Community + Workspace, members get to know each other: They’re part of a community, after all. They bump into one another over coffee. They sit next to one another. They talk. They connect. And something new, and amazing happens. In fact, it happens a lot.

It might be an idea. A referral. A product. Or a company.

Communities create collaborations, and collaborations create something brand­new. You can’t summon up the Cre8Effect™ — nobody knows exactly why, or when it happens. But it does happen.

What and Why Cre8?