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"You're the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with." — Jon Ron

This exclusive membership gives you the edge no other memberships can for you. Mingle and learn from other Startup Founders,VCs, Accelerators and be inspired by other entrepreneurs.


Rp200,000 min. commitment per month

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Connect Members Benefits

Be a Connect Member today. Rp0 membership fee.

We have just waived our membership fee. All you need to do to be part of this great community is to commit at least Rp200,000 in spending per month. You can use your credits to purchase discounted coworking pass, book meeting rooms, purchase event tickets, coffee and others.

Normal User Price versus Connect Member Price

  Non-Member Connect Member
Coworking Day Pass Rp300,000 Rp100,000
Meeting Room — 1 Hour Rp300,000 Rp150,000
Private Lounge — 1 Hour Rp250,000 Rp125,000
Event Space — 1 Hour Rp1.5juta Rp1juta
Class Room Space — 1 Hour Rp1.3juta Rp750,000
Workshops and event tickets Pay full price Enjoy 30% discount

Connect Members Advantage

PIK coworking space
Be More Productive

You can plug in to over 20 workspaces around Indonesia and start working right away. No losing time in traffic jam or commuting back tothe office just to get some work done. You might event meet your next client or deliver that impromptu pitch to a VCs.

Example: American Express signs up hundreds of coworking membership to empower their employees to be more productive and to better understand the need of today's market.

coworking space member
More Opportunities

Promote your services, meet your future business partner, collaborate on projects and have instant access to over 24,000 businesses. Share ideas, obtain honest feedback and discover the latest trend of your market niche from other members. Serendipitous collision is one of the many beautiful thing about working in a coworking space.

Example: A fintech division of CHASE Bank (called Paymentech) works in coworking space to engage the members there to better understand their needs and at the same time share their technology with these members over talkshow and today they are the preferred payment processor for all these leading startups.

coworking space pik avenue
Be Inspired

Many coworking spaces also host regular workshops, events, meet up, forums and they usually invite thought leader to share their learnings on view on a current subject. You could learn from these events and be inspired by it. New approach to a problem, new ideas could be spurn from such meetings and collision.

Some of the events that are happening in our space: Sunny Start Up Featuring Andy Zain, Plug N Play Corner (sharing the latest trends from Silicon Valley), Sharing session by David Hillman, Founder of Flix Cinema.

Building Stronger Relationship

We all know that relationship and trust plays a very important role on how VCs select their next investees. We are home to Kejora Ventures, Fenox Ventures, GnB, Plug N Play and a few other undisclosed Private Equity. Ask for a warm introduction from our community manager when you are in our space.

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Enjoy Discounts

We have partnered with hand-picked companies that specialised in catering to people like you. From logistic providers to web hosting. Over 100 different service providers are eagerly waiting to do their best for you.

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