Above all,

it is about you, me

and the community.

The Team

By founders, for founders

The people behind Cre8 are founders and creator themselves and not executives that sat behind the posh corner office. Our experience in local and global businesses for collectively over 55 years lend us the insight on the unique needs & challenges startups and their founders faces throughout their journey.

We believe that the secret to an exponential innovative culture is by bringing passionate & bright minded people into one space and allow serendipity do it's magic.

Our Story

Co-Work. Inspire. Collaborate. Co-Succeed

It’s never unpleasant to work where it feels like home. Not just home to individuals, but also to communities. We aim to connect people for real. By providing the correct ecosystem aligned with your needs, you can focus not only on getting your work done, but also to have fun with your social life!

What and Why Cre8?