Our Inspirations

Cre8 & Cowork is a dream made possible and is inspired by the following amazing folks from all over the world. Thank you so much!

Alex Hillman

Co-founder of Indy Hall


Alex Hillman pioneered the coworking movement, and he continues to serve as its chief proponent and thought leader internationally.

He co-founded Indy Hall in Philadelphia, one of the longest-running coworking spaces in the world.

Amarit Charoenphan

Co-founder and Co-CEO of Hubba

Bangkok, Thailand

Amarit is a startup and social entrepreneur, mentor, and incubator. His areas of professional interest include capacity building of start-up social ventures via incubators and accelerator programs; scaling up social enterprise via impact investments as well as the emergence of the social venture philanthropy, angel investing and venture capital industry in Thailand.

Grace Sai

Co-founder of The Hub Singapore


Grace is the CEO and Co-Founder of The Hub Singapore, Singapore's largest co-working community of entrepreneurs, creatives and techies. She is regarded as the node of entrepreneurship ecosystem in Asia and speaks widely on that topic. Interested in ecosystem building for startups, she has been invited by the Prime Minister’s Offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, amongst others; to share her inputs. She sits on the Advisory Board for Ben & Jerry's Singapore, and is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at INSEAD. Grace has been nominated as a Young Global Leader, World Economic Forum (2013), and 40 Under 40 by Prestige Singapore (2014). She has an MBA from University of Oxford and was a Skoll Scholar (funded by Jeff Skoll, the co-founder of eBay).

Hyekyung Hwang

Co-CEO of Hive Arena

Seoul, South Korea

Hyekyung co-founded Hive Arena, which provides training on social innovation programs, strategies and events for entrepreneurs in Seoul. She is also a co-organiser of Social Innovation Camp Seoul: This event brings together tech-savvy individuals who provide technology-based solutions to social problems that could evolve into sustainable enterprises.

Jongjin Choi

Cofounder of HIVE Arena

South Korea

Jongjin is a Co-founder and Co-host @hivearena - a coworking space in Seoul, South Korea. Interested in impact business and social enterprise.

Varun Chawla

Co-founder of 91springboard


Varun is the co-founder of 91springboard - a collaborative environment transforming the start-up ecosystem across India and emerging markets. Springboard provides start-ups with work space, infrastructure & services, a platform to network and learn, customised incubation, and access to capital.

Nadia Wong

Executive Director at NBPC Incubator

Nadia Wong runs Cambodia National Business Plan Competition, spearheading the development of a business incubator to support young entrepreneurs in Cambodia.

Dennis Alund

Co-founder of Kumpul

Bali, Indonesia

Dennis is the geeky brain behind Kumpul, the newest Coworking Space in Bali. He is passionate about technology, software programming, user experience and innovative entrepreneurship. Apart from his technology-related life, he has been working in Kosovo, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Yemen with international humanitarian organizations. He is also the CEO of Oddbit, an IT consulting company.

Supranee Jaroenlersjanya (Poy)

Community Curator, HUBBA

Supranee had been working as a Community Builder at HUBBA Coworking Space in Thailand as her first career since 2012 when the word coworking was still new in Thailand. She strongly believes in the power of Coworking & Community and sharing ideas because it had shaped her into the person she is today.

Nader Luthera

Founder of FURM® Group & FURM® Academy

Auckland, New Zealand

Nader is a location independent freedompreneur, startup innovator and international speaker. Having lived in India, USA, New Zealand and Australia he understands the concept of being an international resident and has been travelling the world coworking as a digital nomad since 2015. He is the founder of coWorktheWorld.com and over the last 3 years he has contributed and been featured on various publications as well as been invited as a guest speaker for various panels relating to digital nomad life, coworking the world, digital marketing & digital trends, disruptive innovation and startups.

Ashish Goenka

Founder of Mingle

Mumbai, India

Ash is the founder of Mingle, the largest coworking space in Mumbai, with a fully equipped state of the art events facility, an in-house VC and incubator, and a Montessori themed crèche. Mingle's Mumbai space is the first of hopefully several Mingles around India and Asia.

Yeji Cheon

Co-Founder of Zentrepreneurs

Seoul, South Korea

Yeji is a well-known name within the South Korean coworking and innovation network. She was directly involved with Space Noah as its (former) collaboration culture building team manager. Through 3 years of community building, she has fallen love with coworking communities. She is now working on a new project 'Zentrepreneurs' to disrupt the traditional idea about productivity in Asia and to build a new community of Asian traveling entrepreneurs. Yeji is excited to attend CUASIA in Bali!

Stephanie Arrowsmith

Asia Pacific lead of StartSomeGood

Stephanie loves cross-industry collaborations. She is currently based in Southeast Asia where she grows partnerships in the region. Stephanie is also involved in capacity-building with local changemakers who want to create positive impact in their communities through innovative crowdfunding campaigns..

Mario Berta, MA

Founder and CEO, FlySpaces.com

Currently Founder and CEO of FlySpaces.com a tech-start up that empowers SMEs to get access to flexible office and retail space, Mario is a true global professional with extensive experience in leadership, strategy, innovation and expansion. Passionate about empowering and enabling people, developing businesses, and supporting companies and institutions all around the World.

Adrian Palacios

Cofounder of Nexudus

Adrian is a software and hardware engineer with passion to do things differently. He is the co-founder and technical lead at Nexudus, an end-to-end platform to manage many of the processes happening in coworking and shared workspaces. Adrian and his team are always on the lookout for anything which may make the life of space managers and members easier in their day to day in the space. Client or not, Adrian is always willing to offer advice and his views so make sure you take this chance to pick his brain.